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What is wrong with Cosmopolitan theme

I am HUGHE fan of Metro design paradigm, so I was more then excited to check out Silverlight business application theme pack  containing the Metro theme template (“Cosmopolitan”) which was released officially couple of days ago.

I am not designer but still wanted to share with community my initial impression and that is: WTF.

Here is picture illustrating why..


Considering the fact that we are speaking here about the web site, the fact that there’s 300 pixel of wasted vertical space (~220 in OOB scenarios) is insane. Think about how usable this site would be used in typical netbook/laptop/slate (any smaller height wide screen).

What they should do is simply copy paste Zune minimalist approach which preserves the UI waste and maximize the central part of the screen showing content.

I am aware that this is template which can be customized etc, but we all know that in a lot of cases it won’t be customized at all and we might end with a bunch of web sites using “Metro theme” (especially once WP7 would be released) which would contribute to Silverlight reputation in a bad way,

In other words, while I really appreciate templates provided to us, I think Microsoft creative ninjas (or someone from the community)  should do a couple more iterations on Cosmopolitan template and make it more usable by default and then we would customize it with 2nd level menu etc.

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