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And the winner is…

Bloggers: Win a free place for Roy Osherove’s TDD Masterclass (worth £2395!)

Roy Osherove is giving an hands-on TDD Masterclass in the UK, September 21-25. Roy is author of "The Art of Unit Testing" (http://www.artofunittesting.com/), a leading tdd & unit testing book; he maintains a blog at http://iserializable.com (which amoung other things has critiqued tests written by Microsoft for asp.net MVC - check out the testreviews category) and has recently been on the Scott Hanselman podcast (http://bit.ly/psgYO)
where he educated Scott on best practices in Unit Testing techniques.
For a further insight into Roy's style, be sure to also check out Roy's
talk at the recent Norwegian Developer's Conference (http://bit.ly/NuJVa). 

Full Details here: http://bbits.co.uk/tddmasterclass

are holding a raffle for a free ticket for the event. To be eligible to
win the ticket (worth £2395!) you MUST paste this text, including all
links, into your blog and email Ian@bbits.co.uk with the url to the blog entry.  The draw will be made on September 1st and the winner informed by email and on bbits.co.uk/blog

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