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Web Client Software Factory – Slides from presentation

WCSF Presentation Yesterday session was something really special , because it took much longer then we expected, due to the ad hoc decision to add to the L100 material of the  presentation some more advance "real" examples regarding usage of windows workflow for defining page and code walk through of reference implementation with debug enabled explaining how all those controllers, presenters, services, object builder etc really works under the hood. We ended at half past 9, but I hope that attendees  had equally fun and usefully spent time on that, as I had.

Couple of links I mentioned on session ( and not included in slide deck)  you should check out for WCSF information

You can download slides from yesterday presentation here

We would be doing rerun of the session on January 17th again in Monster office, which would probably be different (read: shorter) with the same set of slides but custom made example. Off course that would be available and published after the session.

At the end, I just want to apologize to all of you asking me if there were be recording of the session. We didn't record the session because the person who was supposed to record didn't came (due to misunderstanding). I'll do my best to try to record an half an hour screen cast in the upcoming week which would present most important WCSF concepts and "internals" from developer perspective. Also, we'll try to record the rerun session.

Both of those recordings should be available for download from my blog

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