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Test Driven Development session

I'm having a Test Driven Development session here in Prague for the DNG (DotNetGroup).

I'll speak about TDD in Web applications by using Model - View - Presenter dessign pattern usage in UI and mocking using Rhino mocking framework as a way of writting the tests before the code creation

The session would be handled in Microsoft, on March 1st

See ya there :)

More details on: http://akce.altairis.cz/Events/53.aspx


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  1. Hi, I would like to ask you, if this session will be recorded and will be available somewhere on the internet. Today I do not know if I am able to come to this interesting session because of some other duties. Thanks Pavel

  2. Hi, all the slides, examples would be uploaded.

    I’ve been told that the session would be recorded so I’ll put a link where to download it after

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