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Vacation is over…


I've been very busy during the last couple weeks so I had only time for short posts about the cool and new thins I've seen, but I'm back in town now

In the mean time a lot of the new fascinating things emerged on P&P sky: Web Service Factory Dec Release, Web Application Factory, ENTLIB 3.0 etc

That's why I would speed up posting about design patterns used by P&P team, explaining them on a simple way as a kind of introduction to the P&P Factory Specific series of posts

I've blogged already about MVP design pattern

Today I've blogged about Dependency Injection and Service Locator patterns

Next post would be about Command and Adapter pattern usage where I would use IE7 Style navigation control

I'll post then about the event broker pattern and the last post would be about asynchronous call web services with time out pattern

After that introductory posts I'll continue the serie with some Smart Client Software Factory posts

Stay tuned :)


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