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Welcome a board mate!

Community server is been set it up and working well, so no more excuses for me not to start my project of documenting my explorations of a beautiful .NET world

My name is Nikola Malovic and I’m working in Monster.com as a software engineer. I’m fascinated with Smart Client architecture and basically with all of the p & p stuff. I Like to learn about architecture stuff. MCSD since 2002.

I would try to put as much as possible all kinds of different articles in different areas and level of knowledge. I will start with Smart Client Factory posting which would include explanation of related patterns. I'm planing to post a screencast for the most of my posts, because I felt on my own skin how good is for learning to observe another programmer typing code

On the top of my web site I'm offering rss feeds link so you could add them to your fire fox browser, Outlook 2007, IE7 or some other feed reader.

So, stay tuned

Nikola Malovic


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